The Technology Behind Metro Ethernet

The computer network supported by Ethernet in the metropolitan places is called Metro Ethernet. This type of computer networking links up the business local area networks known as LAN and individual users to the wide area network or WAN or to the internet. The main advantages of this system is its cost effectiveness, reliability, scalability and bandwidth management which is better than most of the proprietary networks.

Now a days all the corporate and government sector, the academic institutions in large metros are using the Metro Ethernet in which they connect their branch offices to their intranet. The unique feature which distinguishes itself from other SDH connections is its high band width associated with fine granularity. An Ethernet established access network can be connected to a customer network very easily owing to its common use of the Ethernet in the work and also residential places.

The cost effectiveness, flexibility and its comfort in usage are one of the key reasons why most of the users get attracted to Ethernet in the large metros. It’s not only the users but also the service providers get benefited by introducing Ethernet in the metros. It is also inexpensive due to its wide usage in almost all the networking end products. This in turn reduces the cost required for equipment and services which is another reason for its cost effectiveness.

In this system the customers get a standard and widely available Ethernet interface and an important reason to choose this service as things is far more simple here as almost all the users and equipments are connected to a single network using Ethernet and also its necessary to know about the IP and other associated protocols.

Ethernet provides an option to the subscribers to increment their bandwidth in terms of minutes and hours. The key point to be noted here is that the users need not buy any new equipment or any technical assistance for these charges to take effect. Ethernet on the local area network can be used in different forms such as pure Ethernet, Ethernet over SDH, Ethernet over MPLS and Ethernet over DWDM. The cheapest of them is pure Ethernet but it is not available on a large scale. All the above points make the Ethernet a very feasible and pliable solution for the subscribers.

At the beginning stages the Ethernet wasn’t really successful as it was difficult to maintain the seclusion of the traffic and therefore the exaction of private traffic was near to impossible. The development of Ethernet MAN in the late 90’s made it possible for the traffic channeling in a lucid and clear way through virtual LANs. This allowed the isolation of different customer’s traffic.

There are several providers offering the Ethernet services and some of them already extended their service in wide areas. The number of subscribers is increasing at a rapid rate as everybody wants a good internet service and also at a faster rate.

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